Black Diamond Equipment

However you choose to get outside, whether it’s climbing, mountaineering, skiing or hiking, Black Diamond has the gear to get you to the summit. You can have an additional 5% cashback on all Black Diamond products plus other special Black Diamond coupons, can help make your next adventure a reality. It’s truly a good deal for the bargain-focused climber.

Black Diamond Equipment’s roots lie in the hand-forged climbing hardware of Yvon Chouinard, who started selling his gear from the trunk of his car in Yosemite Valley in 1957. Chouinard’s visionary equipment revolutionized the climbing world by raising performance standards while also leading the sport to new and sustainable ethics.

Black Diamond Sustainability

Building world-class products requires exceptional design and ceaseless innovation. Black Diamond applies these principles to their material selection, manufacturing processes and environmental compliance program. Black Diamond products are synonymous with outstanding performance—but not at the expense of destroying the lands where they recreate. They believe it is their responsibility not only to deliver the best performing gear, but to do so while minimizing adverse environmental effects.

Black Diamond Engineered Chalk

New Black Diamond C4

•    New design is 10% lighter
•    Lighter sculpted lopes optimized for strength to weight
•    Innovative trigger keeper on sizes #4, #5 and #6 for compact racking
•    Slings are updated visually for easier differentiation when racking
•    Double-axle design offers the widest range for each cam unit
•    C-Loop continuous cable stem design is strong and durable
•    Color-coded for easy identification and a wide range of sizes
•    Neutrino Rackpack available for easy racking (see Carabiners)


“At Black Diamond, we give climbers, skiers, snowboarders, trail runners and hikers the ability to thrive in the outdoors by designing and engineering the most innovative mountain equipment in the world.”

Black Diamond Ropes

Aiming to strike the perfect balance between weight, durability and handling, Black Diamond ropes feature a unique combination of weave and sheath that’s merged to create a cord that’s supple yet not too soft. This construction enhances the ropes’ ability to knot and feed through your belay device easily, without sacrificing longevity.

Black Diamond Arch