Sterling Hollow Block Review

Sterling Hollow Block Review

The Sterling Hollow Block is a sewn prusik or klemheist made from RIT 900™ cord. This hollow braid cord is made of 100% aramid fiber which is basically Nomex (the same material used by Firefighters). It is sewn with Sterling’s proprietary sewing pattern giving it added strength, durability and gripping power on rope 7mm and larger.  Sterling Hollow Block


Rappelling accidents are probably the most common type of accidents while being the most preventable. Tying knots in the end of your rope and using a prusik can eliminate most.”

Sterling Hollow Block Uses

  • Rappelling For A Backup
  • Can Help In a Self Rescue Situation
  • Can Be Used As An Ascender

Sterling Hollow Block

So I guess the big question here is “why should you buy a Sterling Hollow Block when you can just tie a double fisherman into a piece of cord?”. My first response is, you don’t have a bulky knot in the way. My second response is the fact that it’s made of RIT 900™ cord and can take temps as high as 900°F so you don’t have to worry about it melting.

A traditional prusik (6mm cord) with a double fisherman’s knot fails at about 14.5 KN. The Sterling Hollow Block is rated at 14 KN.

Considering that I’ve seen many fisherman knots tied incorrectly giving up the 1/2 KN for the added safety of not tying the knot is worth it.

Unlike cord the Hollow Block is good straight out of the bag (no break in time). At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter which one you use as long as you use one.

Its available in two lengths, 13.5 and 19 inches’ and cost around $13.00.