Terms and Conditions

Getting Credit For Your Purchases 

When I get paid you get paid. We'll immediately credit your account for any purchases with a pending status, once we are paid (about 45-60 days after puchase) we'll change it from pending to confirmed, you can then withdraw as you wish as long as you meet the minimum balance requirement. You need to be logged in when you click on the store or coupon links and you should come here and click the links anytime you shop any of the ClimbersLink.com store/merchants  to ensure that you get properly credited for your shopping. If you feel that we've missed a transacion simply contact us and we'll get it sorted out as soon as possible.


Payouts happen whenever you want. The only thing we ask is that you have a minimum balance of $25 USD in your account for us to initiate the transfer. For now all payouts will be via PayPal or Venmo or Bitcoin. 

Referring Friends

Tell your friends about us and we'll credit your account with a $5.00 bonus once your friend has earned minimum withdrawal amount. You can use your personal share link that you can find it in your account settings page. 

Pretty Simple

It's pretty simple we all make the world the way it is so don't be a jerk and we won't be jerks.