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Gundog Grind

It’s all about the hunt, the birds, family and friends. And, of course, the dogs. It was a sincere passion for all these things, plus an appreciation for aromatic, delicious-tasting coffee that inspired four upland hunters to create Gundog Grind. This small business in South Carolina is devoted to maximizing the social bonds created over coffee, family, dogwork, hunting and the outdoors. Gundog Grind aims to keep hunters fueled and passions lit so everyone can spend more time with their faithful companions and friends--new and old.

Giving Back
Another tenet we founded Gundog Grind on is giving back. That’s why we’re taking a portion of the profits and donating them directly to conservation. After all, if we don’t work hard to ensure there is accessible land and sustainable habitat, the hunting landscape would change forever.

About Our Coffee
Full of rich, delicious flavor, our coffee is initially available in both a light and dark roast--both of which have been crafted with purpose. Each option utilizes the very best green coffee beans from South America and Indonesia. Warm, inviting flavors, including Vanilla, Caramel, and Hazelnut are used to create delightful blends that are ideal for an early morning breakfast or a late afternoon spent recounting the day’s hunting adventures. And we’re currently in the process of designing our exclusive gourmet blends that will draw upon the comforts and joys each season brings throughout the year.


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